hate the heat

If a recent report on Nebraska Radio Network turns out to be accurate, Nebraskans like you ought to prepare for a “piercing cold with normal snowfall” winter this year. It is also advisable to prepare your home for the harsh season. Your windows, for one should be replaced every 20 years, but that’s under perfect conditions. Here are four ways to know when it is time to getreplacement windows for Omaha, or homes anywhere in the state.

The first thing to do is to check if the windows close and open easily. If the windows get stuck when you open or close them, then they will be difficult to close when it gets too cold outside. Andersen Windows, the doors and windows manufacturing group of the Andersen Corporation, says that it might be time to replace them, especially if the thought of trying to open them will give you a headache.

Another thing to watch out for are signs of rot or that if it is starting to fall apart. You never know if the window might suddenly fall apart because of excessive rotting or as a result of leaking. Angie’s List, the popular website for consumer reviews, adds that it’s also time to replace the windows if they are drafty or if there is fog in between the glass.

Another way is to check for gaps in the perimeter of the windows. Feel for cold air or look for daylight coming through the perimeter. Waddle Exteriors, a roof and remodeling company in the neighboring state of Iowa, says that these signs also indicate energy loss. One solution is to caulk or seal those gaps to prevent air or daylight from coming through, although replacing those windows might be a better idea.

Lastly, if you can, replace your windows by December 31 of this year. ENERGY STAR, a U.S. Environmental Protection Agency-backed program that helps save the environment by promoting energy efficiency, has a Tax Credit program for qualified windows. If you install an ENERGY STAR-rated window by the end of December, you may receive a tax credit equal to 10% of the product cost or up to $200. Costs for the installation of windows in NE or any homes across the country, however, are not included in the tax credit.