Insurance Claims

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Insurance Claims For Roofing

If your roof has sustained storm damage, you may be uncertain about dealing with your insurance company. Having worked with various insurance companies, we can assist you in navigating the process of filing a claim and receiving payment for the damage.

An Effortless Insurance Claims Process

Our team will collaborate with you to guarantee that your insurance claim is handled accurately, and you are aware of the procedure. We comprehend the frustration of dealing with insurance companies, especially after storm damage to your roof. By ensuring that your claim is accurately and efficiently processed from beginning to end, we can simplify the process for you.

Schedule an Inspection.

To claim roof damage, schedule an inspection with your roofing company. Discuss repair or replacement options and ask coverage questions during the inspection.

Recognize Damage

An inspection can assist you in assessing the harm to your house and belongings, your qualification for coverage, and the estimated cost of repairs.

File A Claim

If you suspect storm damage to your roof, contact your insurer right away. The adjuster will request general details about the damage such as date, location, and type of loss when you file a claim.

Schedule a Meeting with the Adjuster

After filing your claim, an insurance adjuster will inspect and suggest a solution for the damage. We can assist you in preparing for this assessment by offering details on the damage type and how it may impact your roof.

Approval of Claim

After your claim is approved, you can schedule the roof restoration project and assign it to a licensed contractor by your insurance company.

Schedule the Project

Upon hiring us, we will promptly schedule your roof restoration project. Our team will contact you within 24 hours of placing the order to confirm the service's date and time.

Construction and Completion

Our team consists of skilled professionals who can efficiently construct roofs with precision. While working on your project, they will maintain high-quality standards of control and strive to complete it as quickly as possible.

Walkthrough for Quality Control

Following the project's completion, we will schedule another walkthrough with our team to ensure that everything is completed correctly and as per specifications.

Insurance Claims Assistance For Homeowners Affected By Storm

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