A roof does a lot for your Iowa home. It keeps you warm or cool and it keeps you protected from the elements. It also can add to the looks of your home. Read this article to learn about some of the different types of roofs available to you

One popular style of roof is the slate roof. Slate proofs are very attractive in appearance and offer excellent protection from fire. They are also a unique roof and provide for a long roof life. They do have some disadvantages though. They are extremely expensive and are much harder to install since they require extensive structures to support the weight. You also can not walk on the roof without risking damage to the tiles. If you can do it though, nothing looks like a slate roof.

Another popular option is a metal roof. Metal roofs are also durable and offer a long life. They are also resistant to sleet and hail and when made from recycled metal they are very environmentally sound. They are however more expensive to install requiring special tools and skills. Some people might also object to the sound of a metal roof since they may be louder in the rain.

The last option I will talk about is the concrete tile roof. They are similar to slate roofs but are much cheaper. They are an attractive roof available in a number of different styles and colors and offer excellent fire resistance. They are still expensive however and can be damaged by hail storms. You also may not be able to use them in climates subject to heavy freezing.

I hope this article has given you some useful information on roofs. If you are looking to do something different than the basic asphalt shingle, one of these options may be for you. Good luck with whichever one you decide

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