While roofs don’t seem like much, these are actually some of the most expensive parts of a home to fix up or replace. Unfortunately, because it’s difficult to really assess the quality of work being done on the roof, it is also one of the parts that are often badly done if you don’t work with a trusted contractor in Story City IA. 

Pic of Signs of a Bad Roofing Job

Poor workmanship in roofing is common because it isn’t always as apparent. From afar it may look good but a trained eye will be able to see the problem.

A bad roofing job can become very problematic. Whether in the long run or even right after, something could go wrong. A bad roof will need more work done on it or even have to be taken apart and redone. In order to spot a bad roofing job, here are some of the things that you need to look out for.

New Asphalt Shingles Appearance

If you had new asphalt shingles put in, you can actually see if your contractors did a bad job quite easily. Unfortunately, these visual cues become apparent after a while and are often because of erosion from strong wind or from a storm. If some shingles are already missing or out of place when they have just finished the job, then that’s a clear sign that some bad craftsmanship was at work.

While you can typically find some damage on a roof post-storm, a new roof shouldn’t suffer as much as other houses in the area. Taking a look around your neighborhood to assess the damage on other roofs will help you get a good idea on how harmful the storm really was. If your home suffered roughly the same amount of damage, then that is alright. But if you find that your home looks the worst after a storm, especially if you just had the roof replaced, then those shingles weren’t installed right.

Ceiling Leaks and Stains

When your home starts leaking after a new roof has been installed, that is a clear sign that the roofers did a bad job. If you had repairs done to fix the leaking in the first place but there hasn’t been any changes, then the same applies. In some cases, leaking causes staining on your ceiling. This happens because the water has pooled up above your ceiling and collected dust, rust, and other particles. The discoloration, however, makes the problem clearer and easier to spot. However, it also means you’ll have to repair your ceiling as well as your roof.


A normal roof should look uniform and even from either side. Over time, when your roof starts to wear down, it should also do so evenly. Checking your roof to determine areas that are wearing down a bit too fast will help you find damage prone spots. These are probably areas where the roofing wasn’t done as well. Major signs of damage include mismatched or badly placed shingles.

Roofer Installs Shingles Over Underlayment

Visual problems are a lot easier to spot. Unfortunately, some problems have to do with the underlying structure. In this case, spotting a bad roofing job becomes a bit more difficult. 

Hardware Mistakes

Aside from installing shingles properly, roofers also need to put in flashing and other underlayments to make the roof watertight and sealed. These are vital components to make a roof last. Flashing should be installed properly, especially in areas where roof extensions connect.

Aside from flashing, there are different nails that are needed in roofing depending on the specific type of roof and roofing material. Using the wrong size nail or putting the nails too close or too far apart could cause damage. If nailed down too low, these could cause leaking but if not done tight enough, it could cause shingles or other parts to dislodge from the roof. 

Missing Drip Edge

The drip edge is a part of the roof made of a sheet of metal. It runs along the edge of the roof and protects the roof board from water damage by covering and guiding water away from the home. It is a flat sheet of metal with a slanted edge that guides the direction of rainwater away from the home. When properly installed drip edges should be installed between the underlayment and the shingles. 

Unfortunately, many of these mistakes are not easy to spot right away. It may take some time and you’ll probably see the effects before you find out what is wrong with your roof. This is why getting a trusted roofing Story City IA contractor is important. If you want to avoid a bad roofing job, contacting a local roofing contractor in Iowa with years of experience and impeccable customer ratings is important.


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