In an article for, John Riha discusses some ways to keep your gutters and the downspout flowing. It is important to keep these two in their best condition by cleaning them at least twice a year to avoid any damages in your home. Your gutters are an essential part of your home, and the article said:


Gutters and downspouts work hard to protect your house from moisture damage. If gutters leak or downspouts are clogged, water can spill out and accumulate near foundations, soaking the soil and causing foundation walls to settle. In worst-case scenarios, moisture-laden soil presses in on basement walls, causing bulging and cracking. Water can even be forced inside by means of hydrostatic pressure.

Here are some of the most common myths about gutters in Des Moines:

Gutters Don’t Need Maintenance

Of course, your gutters are an important tool in protecting your home from damages caused by rainwater; however, unlike what most people believe, your gutters will still need maintenance in order for them to work efficiently. Without proper maintenance, leaves and other debris may settle in your gutters, and believing in the above myth increases the risk of damaging them. Your gutters should be cleaned regularly so that it will effectively protect your home from water damage.

Gutter Toppers aren’t Needed

Just imagine going up and down your ladder from time to time and scooping all those leaves and debris. Tiring, right? That’s why having a Des Moines gutter topper installed by professionals is a good idea. It will not only save you from costly fees for hiring services, it will also the easier and more efficient choice for cleaning your gutters.

Gutter Toppers are Ineffective

Some homeowners believe that gutter toppers aren’t effective in keeping the drain system from any debris. However, this is obviously not true because gutter toppers are equipped with mesh covers that prevent even small debris from entering the gutter.

The Company Won’t Matter When Installing Gutters

Some homeowners think they can just hire anyone to install their gutters for them, but this is entirely false. Hire a roofing contractor like Waddle Exteriors who are the experts in the field and would surely make your satisfaction their first priority. Finding the right contractor to do this project can be done by referrals or through the Internet.

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