Flat roofs have always been an ideal choice for homes. They are considered modern in terms of design and they are known to make structures look beautiful. They’re also cost-effective and allow rooms below them to be utilized fully.

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If there’s one drawback to having flat roofs, however, it’s maintenance. Compared to a sloped roof, a flat roof needs to be inspected regularly by professional Nebraska roofing companies because it is known to collect debris and trap water, ultimately leading to the deterioration of the structure.

A Home Protect article entitled “Flat Roof Maintenance” identifies other problems that can afflict this type of roof:

Gravel and pea shingle have two primary purposes on a flat roof; they provide a “loading coat” and they afford UV protection. Both of these key functions can be impaired if the gravel has not been sufficiently fixed to the surface material. If it is not secure, then both functions can be negated completely, allowing under secured patches to catch the breeze and over-exposed areas to suffer from the Sun.

Too much sun exposure can lead to flat roof cracks, which is why roofing tar or reflective aluminum paint must be applied to prevent sunlight from totally damaging the roofing system. Various solutions can still be considered, but this will depend on the extent of the damage. With the assistance of a reliableroofing contractor from Nebraska, however, it is likely for the roof’s problems to be resolved quickly.

The article adds that moss and silt may also lead to the roof’s degradation:

If you find that moss or silt is building up on your flat roof, then it might be an indicator that the roof has not been built at the proper incline (yes, even flat roofs should have a slight incline) to facilitate sufficient drainage. The incline should be somewhere between 1 in 40 and 1 in 80, to prevent rainwater pooling.

Water doesn’t just lead to the buildup of moss and silt, it also triggers problems like blisters and leaks. These punctures usually need professional attention from a company like Waddle Exteriors that provides free flat roof inspection. Furthermore, it is also necessary to sweep off dirt or remove nearby tree branches to prevent this type of problem from escalating.

(Article Excerpt and Image from Flat Roof Maintenance, Home Protect, 07 August 2012)