In April this year, a strong overnight storm damaged several properties in Kearney including the local University of Nebraska campus. According to a report on, the director of emergency management for Buffalo County and Kearney reported no injuries during the storm, which nonetheless tore roofs off a number of buildings. Professional Nebraska roofing teams were called for immediate assessments and repair work.

The storm brought on hail stones the size of golf balls, heavy rains, and winds that were as strong as 70 miles per hour. University of Nebraska staff, together with private contractors, discovered that the winds peeled back the roof of the Fine Arts Building and destroyed the roof of the Calvin T. Ryan library altogether.

Besides getting its roof torn off, the Calvin T. Ryan library was also flooded by seeping rainwater. Barbara Johnson, the university’s vice chancellor for business and finance, was quoted by as saying that they would have to clean up debris that spread all over the campus as well as clear the library of books. Thousands of books and materials were set to be laid outside to air-dry.

Officials also had to inspect and thoroughly assess other areas of the sprawling campus for more potential damage. Johnson added, “We will go over [everything], make an assessment, do something, whatever is necessary temporarily to make it safe for our students, faculty, and staff to be on campus.”

There were more reports of debris scattered on streets all around town and cases of flooding in a number of homes. The roof of a mobile home located on 15th Avenue was blown off completely.

Incidents like this that bring about considerable roof-related issues and necessitate emergency repairs highlight the importance of Nebraska roofing contractors, as their expertise and full assistance will definitely be needed to restore order in affected facilities and communities. There are roofing companies that can deploy rapid-response teams even in the midst of storms, when this is still safe, to patch up minor leaks and prevent further damage. Other companies, such as Waddle Exteriors, can also help in the aftermath with replacements and new installations.