People looking to build a new home or simply renovate their roof should ask themselves whether they would benefit best from a flat or sloped roof. Sloped or pitched roofs are commonly used in residential homes whereas flat roofs are often found in commercial establishments. Here are some ideas that can help you decide which would be the most efficient Iowa roofing style for you:

Iowa Roofing Choices

Main Advantages

Flat roofs are mainly designed for smaller establishments in occasionally cramped areas, which is why this is the roof of choice in most urban locations. Flat roofs are also typically more affordable than sloped ones. The boon of pitched roofs, however, is also the main disadvantage of the former: it allows for a more efficient water runoff system.


Generally, both these types of roof orientations need regular maintenance (this is due to the fact that the roofing materials being used often determine maintenance needs more than the orientation). Flat roofs, though, often have to be sealed after construction so that stagnant water won’t rot the surface or seep into the building’s interiors.

Structure has it that:

A pitched roof provides more structure and stability than a flat roof, as well as excellent drainage in areas that receive large amounts of rain. […] Flat roofs are also characteristic of modern design, so if you want to design a contemporary home, use a flat roof or a pitched roof with a very low slope.


Another main advantage of having a flat roof is the fact that you have a lot of room for your imagination and creativity to take physical form. You can turn your roof into a deck, a lounge, or even a kitchen extension. Flat roofs can also be converted into mini-gardens, which can be a great source of leisure and relaxation for plant enthusiasts living in the big city.

Basically, the final call on which of these options will work best for you depends on your environment and how you plan to make use of your roof. Ask reliableIowa roofing contractors like Waddle Exteriors about making sure that you get the right type of roof for you.

(Article Excerpt and Image from The Pros & Cons of Flat vs. Pitched Roofing, SF Gate)