When you’re renovating your home, selecting the best roofing material is a crucial step. A good roofing material adds character, value, harmony, and beauty to your investment. It can also protect your home from natural elements and climate changes in your area.

Tile RoofsTo know your options, consider the most common roofing materials in the market: tile and shingle. Before making a decision, however, it is important to know the difference first so you can get the best one for your home.

Tile vs. Shingle

Tile is more expensive than shingles, usually at least double the
price. However, the life expectancy of tile ends up being about
double that of shingles, so it works out to be about even in that regard.
One consideration is that high winds and bad weather can knock off
your shingles much more easily than with tiles. Tiles are more durable
and can withstand a lot more strain.

The distinction made by the whoknowsacontractor.com article above clearly suggests that tile roofs are more advantageous, especially if you consider weather conditions. If you live in Nebraska, for example, it would be wise to go with tiles especially when snow season hits because they are least likely to crack despite the significant amount of ice and frost.

The Life Span Advantage

There’s more to the fact that tiles can last 30 years longer than shingles can. Tile roofing will also not corrode, warp, rot, and rust. No matter what the weather is, tile roofs can protect your home from various conditions and keep you comfortable all year round. Moreover, tile roofs have advanced acoustic insulation properties that prevent noise from entering your home.

Style and Appeal

The beauty of roof tiles can give homes a certain appeal that no other material can. In fact, it is this impeccable beauty that draws a buyer to choose tile as the ideal roofing material. Tiles also come in different colors to match your home’s exterior. Nebraska roofing companies such as Waddle Exteriors offer tile roof options suitable for different types of homes.

Tiles Over Shingles

The article makes the obvious conclusion that “[t]ile is definitely an advantage when looking to resell your home.” If you’ve decided to use tile for your roof, make sure to get in touch with reliable Nebraska roofing contractors who can expertly work with tile roofing materials. Take note that tiles are also heavy so they need to be handled by professionals only.

(Article Excerpt and Image from Tile Roofs vs. Shingle Roofs, Who Knows a Contractor)