If you invest in the installation of quality gutters by Des Moines roofing contractors like Waddle Exteriors then you can guarantee that your house’s exterior and foundation are effectively defended against water damage. The very purpose of gutters is to help in controlling and redirecting rainwater flow from the roof to the ground where the drains are located. Hence, it is very important to maintain your gutters and keep them free from debris that may clog them up and compromise their integrity.

U.S. CornA news article written by Sam Nelson last May 31 for reuters.com reported about Iowa receiving the most spring rainfall on record since 141 years ago, which resulted to slow crop plantings and reduced yields. According to Harry Hillaker, Iowa State Climatologist, from March until May of this year, which is the spring record keeping period of the state, Iowa had already received 17.48 inches of rain.

It was in 1892 that Iowa received 15.36 inches of rain, which is the most in record, but was beat during this year’s spring rainfall. As written in the article:

Hillaker said typical March-May rainfall in the state was 10.22 inches. “That would be normal and is based on rainfall received for the past 30 years,” he said.

Excessive rainfall has affected corn and soybean plantings, which can reduce the yield potential for the 2013 crop season. Unfortunately, crops are not the only ones affected during these times, houses as well can be negatively affected by this additional rainfall in Iowa.

In this kind of weather, gutters are important to protect your roof from moisture and leaks that may eventually harm your home’s structural components. Moreover, gutters ensure that rainwater will be directed away from your roof, thereby minimizing the incidence of water pooling on its surface.

Homeowners don’t always realize it, but installing a gutter and a gutter cover system like the Gutter Topper in Dubuque or Des Moines is important. It’s also necessary to have them repaired and checked regularly. Take note that it is recommended to have gutter maintenance and repairs on seasons or days when it is least likely to rain or snow.

(Article Excerpt and Image from Top U.S. corn state Iowa receives most spring rain on record, Reuters, May 31, 2013)