Houses don’t talk, but they do give clues when something is wrong. If you’ve been noticing that your roof doesn’t look quite right or there seems to be a problem with your siding, chances are your Iowa home needs prompt attention. Here are some clues to look for.

  • Roof. Beyond obvious leaks, there are numerous signs that your roof is aging or in need of repair. Keep an eye out for brownish water spots on interior ceilings and in the attic. Note shingles that are buckling, cracking or excessively worn; these are signs that they’ve reached the end of their service life and need to be replaced. Missing shingles leave your roof susceptible to serious leakage, so call for repairs immediately.
  • Siding. Vinyl siding protects the structural elements of a home from the ravages of weather, so cracks and punctures caused by hail or other impact should be addressed. Not repairing loose or damaged vinyl siding can allow water to seep underneath and cause severe damage down the road! Dry rot or any indication of moisture trapped underneath siding should be a red flag. For aesthetic reasons, you may also want to consider replacement of faded or warped siding.

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