6 ways to void your roof warranty

In Iowa, the Attorney General urges consumers to ensure they have written warranties for products or services paid for. A written warranty, more useful if also posted online, spells out what consumers are entitled to if the product or service they receive is faulty. And when it comes to something as complex asIowa roofing services, a warranty can make all the difference in the world between a bad roof and a good one.

Yet, warranties have significant differences. Some cover both materials and labor, while others cover only one or the other. Certain warranties are transferable, while some can only be used by the current owner. If a homeowner is not careful, the warranty might even be voided for a flimsy reason. To help homeowners make the most out of warranties, Angie’s List shares several ways to keep a guarantee from being voided.

Restrictions on hot roofs are one reason why a warranty might be rendered invalid. A hot roof is one that has insufficient or no ventilation due to its sheathing being coated with spray foam insulation. This might cause the shingles to become hotter, faded, or have shorter service lives. As Andy Lindus, a roofing professional based in Minnesota, shares, a contractor must verify with the roofing manufacturer if a hot roofing project will void the warranty.

Another reason is incorrect installation. Manufacturers maintain strict rules on how their particular products are installed. These cover seemingly minute details such as nail length and nails per shingle. Experts from Waddle Exteriors, an Iowa contractor, urge homeowners to work with professionals who are experienced in setting up a particular type of roof, such as metal roofing in Iowa, to avoid any problems regarding such nuances.

Third, the installation of a new roof over an old one might modify specifications in a warranty or void it altogether. This is because such installations can make the second layer of shingles expend heat more slowly and shorten their lifespan. As the original installation might be affected considerably, the original guarantee might no longer apply. As always, homeowners must hire a contractor knowledgeable and experienced in performing such work in order to maintain the integrity of the overall structure.