The last resort for most thieves trying to break into a house is to smash the glass on window panes and patio doors. Before he brings out the mallet, your average thief will try to open the window first since forced entries will leave a lot of messy evidence behind. Unfortunately, any window style is just as vulnerable to being opened from the outside. Windows may keep the sun and rain out but, sadly, not people wearing balaclavas.

An article by Murray Anderson, which appeared on, gives further information:Preventing Burglaries 2Preventing Burglaries

Patio doors and sliding windows are relatively easy to get out of their frames. A thief could do it by just lifting it up out of the frame (works just as well from the outside as it does when you lift them out for cleaning from the inside). The way to fix this problem is to drive a few screws into the top track above where the door or window sits when it’s closed. The trick is, don’t drive the screws all the way in, leave the screw heads protruding about 1/4″. The protruding heads make it impossible to lift the door or window up high enough to lift the bottom out of the frame when it’s closed.

Fortunately, Anderson says effective theft deterrents can be as simple as jamming the opening. For instance, double-hung replacement windows in Omaha can be protected from unauthorized entry by driving a nail or screw where the two frames meet. It doesn’t have to be all the way through (otherwise, it may affect insulation); leave enough nail to remove it when you need to open the window.

Sliding windows can be prevented from opening by putting a wood block along the inside track of the opening pane. Basement windows—among the most likely places for thieves to break into a house—can be closed shut with special locks. If you really want to take it up a notch and prevent a literal break-in, consider getting break-resistant glass for Iowa windows.

If you have sensors in place around the windows, a simple smash will send cops to the scene lickety split. Waddle Exteriors can provide the quality windows, but home security is everyone’s responsibility. The window can only keep thieves out for so long, so make it a point that you’re one step ahead of them.

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