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Top 5 Key Benefits of Replacement Windows

Benefits/Features (include energy efficiency, easy to clean, etc)You may not notice how your older windows are impacting your daily life. Getting replacement windows can significantly improve various aspects of daily living, as well as your budget. There are numerous benefits of replacement windows:

  1. Value – replacement windows can add tremendous value to your home. They are a great way to update your home with a fresh, modern look. If you do ever consider selling, replacement windows will be an upgrade you will want to highlight to potential buyers.
  2. Energy Efficient – All of our windows are energy efficient. This just means that the glass we use is low-e (low emmitance) and prevents hot and cold air from getting through the glass. This helps lower energy costs by up to 30%. Your family will be much more comfortable without feeling any cold drafts coming from the window and the special glass will prevent your walls or furniture from fading.
  3. Low Maintenance – Replacement windows are being made to last a lifetime. They are incredibly durable, scratch and break resistant. Some windows have a fold down mechanism that allows you to clean the outside of the window from the inside of your home. You also won’t have to worry about painting the frames of your windows year after year.
  4. Added light and ventilation – getting replacement windows can brighten up a room giving you that feel of a larger more open space. Our windows are also very easy to open and close allowing fresh air to flow through your home.
  5. Tax credits – the government is giving away tax incentives for energy efficient window purchases. This is a great time to take advantage and get some cash back on your next tax return. Read more to learn about how to qualify for the tax credit.

New windows benefits, window tax credit When you work with a window expert from Waddle Exteriors you’ll see how great our customer service and installation process is. We can give you a free in-home consultation and guide you through the process of replacing your old windows.  Call us today or request your free in-home design consultation.