If your home doesn’t look attractive from the outside, most people will assume the same about the inside. That’s a big deal, especially when you’re trying to sell your home in Sioux City, IA. According to the personal finance website Bankrate.com, a good first impression can add 5-10% to the selling price of your home! Investing in a new roof is one important way to boost its curb appeal and value.

If your roof has seen better days, begin by having it inspected by a reputable professional roofing contractor like Waddle Exteriors. Our experts can tell you the exact condition of your roofing material, and advise on the necessity to replace it. If your roof has some life left but shingles or tiles are missing or damaged, we can make seamless repairs that will calm potential homebuyers’ fears about its condition.

If it’s definitely time to replace, consider your options. Top roofing manufacturers are always introducing new materials that add beauty and cut down on maintenance and noise. Before you choose, take the time to look at other homes in your neighborhood. Which roofing materials are the most common, and will complement the architecture of your home while blending with others in the neighborhood? What do your neighbors like about the roofs they own? Also remember to check with your local building department and homeowner’s association for roof requirements that could impact your decision.

For information about types of roofs we install in Sioux City, call Waddle Exteriors at (877) 398-4555. We’d also be pleased to provide a FREE estimate for roof installation. Our professional installers can handle your project from beginning to completion. Your satisfaction is our #1 concern!