All homes are built with a few common essentials. Walls, doors, windows, and beams are a few components that are common to all, whether a small cottage or a high-rise skyscraper. The roof of a house is one of the most important aspects of any construction. Selecting the right roofing option in accordance with the climatic conditions can go a long way in providing an long-lasting and beautiful home.

Since the roof is one of the most important external elements of a house, it should not only be durable, but also have an aesthetic appeal. There are several different roofing options available today. Although asbestos is a cheap and popular material, it is fast being replaced by tiled and metal roofing. These alternatives prove to be long lasting and also tend to reflect direct heat to a greater extent as compared to asbestos. Apart from different roofing materials, the homeowner can also use a variety of external paints to coat the roof. These paints not only add color to the roof, but also provide insulation from extreme heat and are resistant to mildew and algae.

To maintain longevity of the roof, the homeowner must undertake regular repairs and maintenance. This is important as the roof takes a lot of damage from the elements of nature, compared to any other part of the house. This tends to necessitate routine “wear and tear” roof repairs. Care should be taken to ensure that no trees are growing in close proximity as falling branches may damage the roofing.

The roof may also develop black streaks, which is an indication of a mold, algae or fungus growth. These conditions are common in areas of high humidity and may lead to the weakening of the roof structure and leakage problems.

The homeowner may undertake minor roof repairs. However, it is advisable to consult a specialist in case of major repairs. A good roof is a crucial component of a well designed home. Maintaining a house maybe difficult, but by utilizing the right roofing materials, one can minimize future problems.

Author: Josh Riverside

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