Are you the type of homeowner who always sees to it that your house is in perfect condition? Well, almost everyone is, and one way of making this possible is by installing gutters by Des Moines, IA roofing contractors like Waddle Exteriors. Yes, it is important for homes to have gutters, and in fact, different municipalities have now required new residential buildings to have gutters.

Types of GuttersAccording to an article from written by Shawn Drew, it is important for homeowners to be educated about the different materials, types, and styles of gutters. Aluminum is the most popular type of gutter material because it is resistant to rust, affordable, and lightweight. Nonetheless, there are still other gutter materials like copper, galvanized steel, and vinyl available for homeowners.

There are also different styles of gutters, but there are only a few that are used by homeowners like the k-style gutter. According to the article, this type of gutter style “[h]as an outer plane that resembles the appearance of crown molding”, whereas half-round gutters, another popular style, “[l]ook like a pipe cut in half, and usually have either one or both of the upper lips rounded.”

However, homeowners shouldn’t only focus on the well-known types. In fact, there are many types of gutters, here are some mentioned by the article:

Integral gutters sit between the end of the rafters and the fascia boards, creating a channel for water that’s invisible from the ground. Wood gutters, made from long-lasting wood such as cedar, can provide just the right rustic look for houses with that motif.

Of course, you will need gutters in your home, and they will help in protecting your house from flooding, cracks and damages, insect infestations, molds, and erosion. Although gutter systems are highly recommended in areas that experience severe weather conditions, homeowners who don’t live in such areas are still advised to install one in their home.

Homeowners must be diligent when it comes to keeping their gutters clean and free from leaves or other debris. You could choose to hire gutter cleaning services, and even install a quality gutter cover system like the Gutter Topper from Omaha roofing contractors. In the end, whatever type of gutter you pick for your house, maintenance still plays an important role in boosting the life and performance of your gutters.

(Article Excerpt and Image from Popular types of gutters, Angie’s List, January 23, 2013)