Tile roofing can be difficult to handle, so it’s best to hire Nebraska roofing contractors to attend to it. Installations, repairs, and replacements are professional jobs, and certified roofers are best to manage these.

safety and cleaning tips for cleaning a tile roof

However, prior to calling contractors, homeowners can ensure the integrity of their roofing by doing simple maintenance procedures. Given the proper techniques, homeowners can adequately maintain their roofing system and prevent costly repairs and replacements. Scott Kessman writes:

“Knowing how to clean a tile roof is important and, as a form of maintenance, could prevent leaks from occurring. The first course of action to take is to gather together the tools needed to be used. Tools such as a sturdy ladder that reaches the roof comfortably, a garden hose with an attached brush, a bucket of hot water, a power washer and a cup of detergent, bleach and trisodium phosphate are all necessary. Plastic garbage bags should be tied around the bottom of the rainwater down pipes to prevent any chemicals spilling onto the garden.”

Washing dirt and debris from your roof will help you eliminate areas where moss and mildew can form. You can also use a pressure washer to clean your tile roof in order to eradicate the existing organisms growing on its surface.

Clearing the roof from accumulated debris is a simple task, and the tools for this are readily available in any domestic environment. By doing so, property owners can make sure that their roof is up to the job or protecting their home against the elements.

It does make a lot of sense to clean a roof twice a year rather than going through the trouble of intermittent repairs or a new installation. However, when you notice signs of damage and deterioration, it is time to call the professionals.

Hiring a Nebraska roofing team from trusted companies like Waddle Exteriors can help you with your tile roof. Such companies employ certified contractors to ensure superior quality installations, repairs, and replacements. With an in-depth knowledge on tile roofing systems, they can provide homeowners with several options based on their design and budget requirements.

(Article Excerpt and Image from Safety and cleaning Tips for a Tile Roof, Yahoo Voices, 21 October 2011)