Bay and bow windows have been a popular addition to residential architecture since the late nineteenth century. Victorian homes feature these windows prominently, however, a bay or bow window can also add beauty and visual interest to modern designs. Here are some additional benefits:

  • Light. Bay and bow windows extend nearly from floor to ceiling, creating a huge gateway for light to enter your home. Whether you install one in a kitchen, living area or bedroom, you’ll enjoy light that brightens your mood and keeps money in your wallet.
  • Space. Increased light and views make a room feel much bigger. The versatility of bay and bow windows also permits seating to be added in the niche area when friends and family visit, or create a cozy place to enjoy a book.
  • Views. If you love nature, a bay or bow window is a wonderful way to enjoy views of a beautiful garden or other scenery.
  • Ventilation. Some bay and bow window models can be combined with single-hung or casement windows that open to allow fresh breezes into a home.

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