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do you get when you combine 40+ years experience in storm damage restoration
with 20+ years property claims leadership experience with a national insurance
carrier?  You get a company with industry-best training and experience to
prepare, monitor and protect your businesses from the negative effects of
severe weather events. 



restored properties
Restoring properties
+ Years
helping customers with insurance claims


Weathershield is a proprietary asset management service developed specifically for clients in the multifamily, senior living, student living and commercial real estate markets nationwide. Our proactive approach protects you against undiscovered, unreported, unrepaired and unpaid losses.

Waiting to review your insurance coverage can have harmful effects on your investment and risk management strategies. Our unique services can be tailored to fit your specific business needs.

Asset Risk Analysis
Now is the time to find out if you have the right insurance coverage. When a loss occurs, it’s too late to make changes to your policy.
Latent Damage Identification
Did you know that nearly half of all property losses go unreported? Make sure you’re aware of old storm damage before it’s too late to file a claim.
24/7 Asset Monitoring
When major storm events occur, you need to react quickly to mitigate against further damage. Having real-time awareness of the severity of these events puts you far ahead of your competition.
Insurance Claim Management
Who honestly has the time to manage a large commercial property insurance claim? Your time is invaluable and much better spent in your day-to-day responsibilities. How can you be confident that your Adjuster has fully compensated you following your loss? Our Insurance Claim Managers ensure all damage is properly documented, reviews claim settlement for accuracy, and you receive the full benefits owed by your policy.
Restoration Project Management
Having a dedicated Project Manager to develop a comprehensive project plan that’s built for your business needs is key to a safe and successful restoration.
Due Diligence & Annual Maintenance Inspections
Awareness of latent storm damage and general roof conditions is a must before you buy a new asset? It could save you millions. The same is true of regular assessments to proactively identify problem areas before they become BIG problems. Our trained Inspectors work to develop a strategy to best manage your new and existing assets.

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