An article published in the Realty Times September last year highlights the importance of keeping gutters clean:

The risks to skipping out on this task are easy enough to see. As leaves and debris build up in your guttering system there become blockages. Instead of watering flowing easily into downspouts, it backs up onto eaves, the roof, and other parts of your house eventually leading to rot.

This in turn can lead to interior home damage to walls and ceilings. Overly full gutters can also become extremely heavy. This can bend the gutters and their brackets, causing unsightly damage to the exterior of your home.

Fox news reports, “Even flooded basements and cracking foundations are other symptoms of clogged gutters. If water isn’t drained away from the house and it pools around the foundation it will expand when frozen and cause cracks which lead to floods in your basement or crawl space.”

One of the biggest reasons why homeowners are advised to regularly clean their gutters is to protect the home from water damage. The article mentions that gutters with accumulated debris can easily clog up and cause the water to flow into the house. Hiring a contractor for water damage repair and restoration can be costly, which is why some homeowners hire experts for cleaning theirgutters in Des Moines, for early prevention and protection. In a related article also published on Realty Times entitled “How To Safely Clean Your Rain Gutters”, homeowners are recommended to hire professionals to maintain their gutter systems.

important reasons to keep your gutters clean

The article further states that if there are many trees surrounding the property, homeowners should have gutters cleaned at least twice a year. Not only will this protect the home from water damage, but also reduce the likelihood of a fire, as the debris that get trapped on the roof can become a fire hazard.

On a related note, many homeowners have turned home improvement contractors to install gutter toppers or covers. This ingenious invention prevents leaves and other debris from clogging gutter systems, increasing the home’s protection against water damage.

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(Article Information and Image from Important Reasons to Keep your Gutters Clean, Realty Times, 15 September 2013)