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If you are seeking a reliable roofing contractor in Altoona, Waddle Exteriors is the perfect choice. Our experienced team of professionals has years of expertise installing, maintaining, and repairing roofs throughout Altoona. Whatever your roofing needs might be – we’ve got the right solution to protect your house or building. We guarantee that all our work comes with only premium quality materials and excellent craftsmanship so you always get nothing but the best!

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For more than 45 years, Waddle Exteriors is your #1 source for comprehensive roofing in Altoona IA and exterior services in the area. Our certified, insured, and bonded team of professionals specialize in residential and commercial projects – exceeding customer expectations with our use of up-to-date techniques as well as superior products. When selecting roofing contractors, make an informed decision for long-term durability and reliability. By trusting us to handle your roofing needs here at Waddle Exteriors, you can have peace of mind knowing that we are knowledgeable experts who take all necessary measures to ensure a safe job site for everyone involved – unlike other unreliable “fly by night” companies.

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With all of our roofing contractors possessing the Technician Seal of Safety, you and your family can rest assured that we are devoted to providing optimal safety. No matter what size job it is, we’ll finish it with excellence while leaving your roof in perfect condition- keeping you safe from any potential weather damage. Find contentment knowing that the most dependable professionals will be handling the roof inspection in Altoona IA process for roofs here in IA. Schedule an appointment today with Waddle Exteriors, a trusted contractor employed by us!

Swift and Reliable Altoona Roof Repair Services

With expert roofers from Waddle Exteriors, you can feel confident that your roof is in capable hands. Don’t delay if you’re facing any of these common issues—you need to get professional assistance without hesitation: leaks, light entering your building, loose or missing shingles, and foul odors emanating from the attic.

Allow our qualified roofers to give your roof a thorough inspection and detect any potential risk factors. With preventative solutions and repairs, we can safeguard against further destruction. In the event of storm damage, depend on us for reliable restoration services that will restore your property back into a secure haven once again. Have faith in Waddle Exteriors when it comes to all aspects of your roofs needs so you have the peace of mind knowing experienced professionals are helping you along every step of the way!

Trust Waddle Exteriors as Your Premier Altoona Roof Maintenance Contractor

Taking proactive measures of roof maintenance in Altoona IA is the most effective way to defend and safeguard an invaluable investment. Not only does proper maintenance extend its life, but it also prepares you for any major costs associated with a new roof. So don’t put off that much needed roofing upkeep; secure your home today!

When your roof begins to leak without any contributing external factors, this indicates that it has sustained considerable damage. Unfortunately, such destruction requires expensive repairs; however, those costs can be avoided by having an ongoing maintenance contract with a knowledgeable roofing company. By taking the necessary precautions beforehand, you are able to prevent major repair and replacements in the long term. 


Comprehensive Roof Inspection in Altoona

The National Roofing Association states that timely roof inspections are key to any home maintenance plan. The small investment in time and money has a huge payoff – even if your roof looks perfect – because an expert eye can spot hidden issues that could wreak havoc down the line. The risk of flooding in IA makes these inspections all the more critical, as water damage can quickly degrade a perfectly good roof. Overall, though it might seem pain to take on such an investment, in reality regular inspections are a way of saving yourself from possible roof replacement in Altoona IA or  potential headaches – both financially and emotionally – down the road.

Waddle Exteriors’s contractors in Altoona are here to help you maximize the lifespan of your roof through preventative maintenance. Our 21-point inspection program will thoroughly inspect and identify any existing or potential issues with your roof, providing you with a full report on its condition afterwards. We have highly experienced contractors who can professionally complete repairs and other necessary work after that so that your roof remains in optimal condition. So don’t wait – let us keep an eye on the status of your roof today!

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When you look for a roofing contractor, make sure to do your due diligence. To safeguard that the job is done with quality and warranty protection, we highly recommend our Altoona Roof Repair Specialists who have amassed years of experience and glowing reviews. Our website provides an avenue for customers to vet us by looking up our certifications and researching services as well as products before they get in touch. We are committed to helping your home stay safe against the elements through superior workmanship that lasts decades – this is why it’s so important. Contact us.

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For decades, Waddle Exteriors has been the roofing company of choice for Des Moines County. As a family owned and operated business located in Altoona, we are passionate about providing 5-star service to each and every one of our customers. Our commitment is evidenced by our BBB accreditation, years of glowing 5-star reviews – not to mention an impressive portfolio showcasing completed projects! Contact us today so that you too can experience top quality results from reliable professionals.

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With years of experience in Altoona, IA, our team is fully prepared to provide you with the highest quality roofing services possible. We guarantee continual communication throughout every step of the process, as well as swift and efficient service that won’t break your budget. To learn more about us, follow us on Facebook or check out our Yelp —you will be sure to find out why we are one of the most trusted roofers around!