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Finding Professional Roofers in Cedar Rapids & Dubuque, IA

Roofers Cedar Rapids Dubuque IAWhile there are many roofers that serve Cedar Rapids, Dubuque, and other surrounding communities in Iowa, not all of them are professional, reliable, or trustworthy. In fact, according to Consumer Reports, some top complaints about contractors in general include failing to show up, not taking the time to do the job right, not listening to requests, and leaving a mess. With so many roofers to choose from, how can you determine which ones have the necessary qualifications to work on your home?

One of the first steps you’ll want to take when looking for roofers is to find out which of these companies offer free consultations. This will give you the opportunity to get to know your roofing contractor and get a feel for how the business is operated. It also will allow both parties to discuss the scope of the roofing project, talk about materials and pricing, and get a deeper understanding of the services that will be provided before any agreements are made.

Another factor to keep in mind while looking for roofers in the Cedar Rapids and Dubuque, IA, areas is the quality of materials that the company uses. Some roofing contractors will try to cut corners by using cheaper materials, which often leads to even more problems. You’ll want to find those roofers that openly discuss their manufacturers, so you can do a little research and find out whether they make materials that are good for your home.

Waddle Exteriors is a roofing specialist that has proudly served the Cedar Rapids and Dubuque, IA, communities since 1979. If you’re looking for reputable roofers in this area, contact us today.