Upgrading a home may burn a hole in your wallet now, but the result can eventually raise your property’s value in the real estate market. Not all upgrades, however, are profitable. You have to choose the best ones to regain your investment.

Home UpgradesFresh Coat of Paint

Though it doesn’t take a big amount of cash for a home paint job to be completed, the benefits of having a newly-painted home is still astounding. For Home Rich author Gerri Willis, pale yellow shades provide an uplifting and optimistic effect. Yellow attracts buyers faster too.

Windows Replacement

Leslie Sellers, vice president of the Appraisal Institute, an association of real estate–appraisal professionals in Chicago, finds value in using energy-efficient windows according to a Real Simple article:

If you’re experiencing cool and blustery weather…in your living room,
it’s time to buy new panes, pronto. Not only are you losing precious heat
but your utility bill could also be skyrocketing. “Energy-efficient windows
eliminate drafts, so your home feels warmer,” says Sellers.

Energy efficient windows, which can be installed by reputable Omaha roofing contractors such as Waddle Exteriors, can keep you and your family comfortable while lowering energy consumption.

Modify the Bathroom

If your bathroom is outdated and you want more storage space, it’s high time to remodel this important area of the home. Remodeling the bathroom not only eliminates dirt, mold and moisture, but it also enhances style and creates a relaxing space. Moreover, buyers always appreciate updated or well-designed bathrooms.

The article adds:

Bathroom upgrades, like updated countertops and new fixtures, provide
solid returns―anywhere from 68 to 78 percent. But “avoid anything too
trendy,” says designer Vern Yip. “Choose classic features, like off-white
subway tiles, that will appeal to people with both traditional and contemporary

Basement Fix

One of the most valuable areas of the home is the basement, wherein a finished one can provide a livable and useful space. In fact, you can turn a basement into a media room or even a play room. Since it’s insulated by the ground, a basement can keep you warm during winter and cool during the summer.

Don’t wait for your living space to deteriorate. Start upgrading it now but make sure to prioritize the crucial areas mentioned above. For quality home renovation, you can contact trusted Iowa roofing contractors or those serving Nebraska, South Dakota, and Missouri.

(Article Excerpt and Image from Home Upgrades That Pay Off, Real Simple)