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According to an August 26, 2013 news story by The Washington Post, Nebraska, Iowa, and other Midwestern states are in for some “piercing cold with normal snowfall” this winter season. This leaves homeowners in these states a few months to ensure that their roofs are ready for winter. Thus, many of them will have to find roofing contractors, fast. Roofers are a dime a dozen, but homeowners should consider three “must-haves” when hiring roofing contractors in Omaha, Dubuque, or any place in the Midwest.

The first thing a professional roofing contractor must have is a license to practice in the state. Many cities and states require a professional to be licensed there for any contractor work. For example, the Omaha Planning Department requires contractors to be licensed in one of five different classes, one of which (class E) is for roofing, siding, window, and deck installers. One should ask a prospective hire for his license number and then cross-check it at the local government’s website for licensed contractors.

Aside from a license, another thing a professional contractor must have is insurance coverage. Owens Corning, one of the country’s top manufacturers of home-building materials, says that a contractor maintains insurance coverage to protect a home from accidental damage. The Omaha Planning Department also requires a contractor to have insurance. Just like asking the roofer for his license, it is equally important to ask about the coverage plans he carries in case any mishaps occur at a project site.

While this is currently not required by any city or state, one thing a roofer virtually must have is a certification from a renowned organization. A certification, especially one that is verifiable online, proves that the contractor meets the high standards set by an organization that is respected by the public. It lets homeowners know that a particular company is well-versed in certain roof system types, materials, and procedures outlined by a specific manufacturer. For example, an accredited ShingleMaster™ for roofing manufacturer CertainTeed like Waddle Exteriors can be trusted to install that product properly and efficiently.

To recap, reputable roofers must have at least a license, insurance, and a professional certification. For the most part, whether or not they have these three can be verified online. These must-haves can help homeowners search for Nebraska or even Iowa roofing contractors who can be trusted to do the job they need in time for the piercing winter.