Energy efficiency should be the number one job of your Iowa windows. Consider replacement of windows that no longer effectively block winter winds and keep out summer heat, because they’re allowing the transfer of hot and cold air and making your home uncomfortable – as high utility bills empty your wallet! Energy-efficient windows can substantially reduce heating and cooling costs. Here’s how to know it’s time to start shopping for new windows.

1. Carefully examine windows. Open and close each window to evaluate its operation. Does it stick, need to be propped open, or is it swollen or painted shut? Time for replacement!
2. Note condensation problems. Double- and triple-glazed windows should never have moisture between the panes. Moisture indicates seal failure in an insulated window.
3. Check for cold and warm spots. If you can feel a dramatic change in temperature near a window on hot and cold days, it’s not performing as it should.
4. Inspect for gaps. If you see visible daylight and feel cold air infiltrating around the perimeter of the window, this indicates energy loss. Caulking or window replacement is the best solution.

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