An article that appeared on The Quad-City Times discussed the recent snow storms that ravaged parts of Iowa on May 2013:

Nearly a foot of snow has fallen in some parts of northern Iowa due to an unusual spring snowstorm, and meteorologists say it’s broken several state records.

The National Weather Service says Forest City and nearby Britt recorded 11 inches of snow between Wednesday afternoon and Thursday morning.

Meteorologist Craig Cogil says it’s the largest snowfall in a 24-hour period in May. It’s also the most snowfall total from any storm in May, and it’s the most snow recorded ever in May.

Cogil says a snowstorm in late May 1947 dumped several inches of snow in the northern part of the state, including 10 inches in Le Mars.

Storm dumps record

Residents of Des Moines, Iowa, are currently enjoying the beauty of autumn: the slight nip in the air, pumpkins everywhere, and the wide range of colors to be found in the foliage. While many are caught up in the natural beauty of the autumn season, some people consider autumn to be a precursor to the snow storms of winter. In fact, autumn and winter are two seasons that increase the risk of damage to gutters in Des Moines homes.

Winter is especially harsh in Iowa, with temperatures at times reaching below 0°F. Due to the low temperatures, gutters in homes around Des Moines that have collected backed up water because of fallen leaves and other debris can freeze over. This added weight can cause gutters to detach from the sides of houses, causing hundreds of dollars in damages, and leaving houses without one of its main defenses against water damage.

A gutter works hand-in-hand with your roofing to protect your home from leaks and other forms of water damage. As such, it is important to be vigilant in checking for any damage or blockage in the house’s gutter system, with most contractors and gutter specialists recommending that homeowners check their gutters twice a year, during spring and fall. For people that do not have the time nor patience to check their gutters, investing in a gutter topper in Des Moines, such as the ones supplied by Waddle Exteriors, is another alternative to keeping gutters clear of debris and stagnant water.

(Info from Storm dumps record amount of snow in Iowa; The Quad-City Times; May 02, 2013)