There are plenty of choices readily available when it is time for Iowa homeowners like yourselves to install a brand new roofing structure. The most popular roofing material today is asphalt shingles. This is because the material is relatively known for its cheaper maintenance costs and has a high rate of reliability. 

Image Showing How Much is Metal Roofing vs Shingles

There are so many options that are available in the market nowadays but a good runner up to the popularity of the asphalt roof shingle is the use of metal roofing. Metal roofing is also considered due to its ability to withstand damage, as well as its longevity when it comes to wear and tear. In addition, metal roofing also offers a wide range of styles and designs to choose from. Both materials are considered the best option for your home roofing needs and it usually comes down to what suits your home the best. Aside from how it fits with your home, considering your budget limits is also important.

Metal Roofing

Traditional metal roofing made use of corrugated panes made of tin. Now, there are different kinds of metal roofing that you can use. The traditional type of metal roofing is popularly known as standing seam metal roofing and is what you can often find on top of barns and tool sheds. Now, metal roofing uses a variety of materials. You can find metal roofs in zinc, aluminum, galvanized steel, copper, and tin. 

There are also different looks depending on the kind of metal roof you decide on. Accordingly, there are also different costs depending on the specific type of metal roof you have installed on your property.

Advantages of Metal Roofing

Metal is a durable and long-lasting material. Metal roofs are known to last longer than other types of roofing. Many manufacturers provide between 30 to 50 year warranties for their materials. Aside from lasting longer, metal roofs are now made of eco-friendly materials. Many metal materials have been recycled, making metal roofing a more sustainable structure. At the same time, metal is a naturally reflective material. Metal roofs reflect most of the heat and light away from the home, keeping the interior of your property cooler and minimizing energy costs. 

Cost of Metal Roofing

While metal roofing has its perks, it can cost more to install a metal roof than getting new roof shingles. Depending on the type of metal roof you want, the project can cost property owners between $120 to $900 per 100sqft. area. However, you are likely to save more in the long run since maintenance costs, energy costs, and even repair of metal roofs is lower than what you would spend if you had a shingle roof.

Shingle Roofing

Asphalt shingle roofs are a common type of roofing that is often found on residential homes. Many homeowners like the look of asphalt shingles and since it is an easy to install, and affordable material, it easily became a favorite of the masses. Just like metal roofs, there are different kinds of asphalt shingles to choose from. The main difference is in the thickness of the material. Typically, the more affordable asphalt shingles are thinner while premium shingles which are more expensive are also thicker and more durable.

Advantages of Asphalt Shingles

The main advantages of using asphalt shingles is their look, cost, and installation. The shingles are also quite durable when installed properly but when compared to metal roofing, typically only last between 20-30 years. When considering the look of asphalt shingle roofs, it is quite common to see residential homes with this type of roof. The material is clean and gives off a homey vibe.

Asphalt shingles are also easy to install. While some people can even install asphalt shingles on the roof themselves, getting a roofing Story City IA professional to do it will save more time and also ensure proper installation. When done by a licensed and experienced roofing team, the process can typically only take 2-5 days depending on the size of the roof. This time also includes the tearing off of the old roof, installing other roofing components like flashing, and the post-roofing clean up.

Cost of Asphalt Roof Shingles

Another major reason for the popularity of asphalt roofs is that it only costs between $60 – $120 per roofing square. This is significantly lower than what you would spend with metal roofing. However, asphalt shingles may need a few repairs every now and then. Usually, you’ll find missing or damaged shingles following a heavy storm. When this happens, installing new asphalt shingles on these damaged areas is advised.


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