Add a New Garden Window to your Kitchen

garden windows iowaGarden windows are very popular for putting plants or herbs in due to the amazing sunlight a garden window can provide. You may have seen a garden window in a neighbor or friend’s home in their kitchen over the sink, as this is where they are typically placed. However if you have the outdoor space you can put a garden window in almost anywhere in your home. A garden window extends outward giving you a shelf to put items on.  These windows can be beautiful, add value to your home, functional and energy efficient!

Our line of energy efficient windows is made using the best quality glass, preventing harmful UV rays from entering your home and fading your walls and even furniture. The glass also helps prevent cold air from seeping in during the winter months, keeping your home nice and warm. This blockage of cold air from getting into your home can also help lower your energy costs as you won’t be turning up the thermostat near as often.

garden windows south dakotaOur windows are crafted and installed with professional, qualified employees, not sub contractors. When you contact Waddle Exteriors, we have design experts on staff to help guide you and help you in your windows purchase. We can come to your home and provide you a free consultation. We’ll show you all of your options and make it fun and less overwhelming as you would think. Call us today or request your free in-home consultation and get on your way to having beautiful, garden windows in your home.