How It Works

See How Gutter Topper Works

Tony Iannelli

Tony Iannelli is the inventor of the Gutter Topper. He created this one-of-a-kind product when he found he was unhappy with the quality of products he was using to build his customers’ homes.  Through multiple revisions, Tony was able to achieve a product that handles your most common gutter problems–high volumes of water, clutter from leaves and debris,  and high winds.

Gutter Topper can be installed over your existing gutters. When it rains, water clings to Gutter Topper’s rounded nose and is deposited in the bottom of the Gutter System. Leaves and other debris won’t follow the curve of the rounded nose and fall to the ground.

Independent test results from the most respected testing firm for the roofing and construction industry certified the Gutter Topper gutter cover system meets Florida’s Miami-Dade County standards.  Gutter Topper is certified to resist winds up to 110 mph which is equivalent to a category 4 hurricane. It’s also certified to hold up to 22 inches of water per hour.  A load bearing test was also performed. They found that Gutter Topper is able to withstand up to 1200 pounds of weight per sq ft.

Only Gutter Topper has been independently tested  certifying it to be the most effective gutter cover or gutter guard on the market. The strength of Gutter Topper is much appreciated and respected by the leading shingle roofing manufacturers and retailers who guarantee in writing that your roof warranty will not be affected by Gutter Topper.

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