Is a Gutter Topper® for Iowa roofing worth investing your hard-earned dollars? You really only need to clean gutters out once a year, and it really isn’t that dangerous … is it? Let’s compare your life before and after Gutter Topper.

Before Gutter Topper 
Spring has finally arrived, and with it the need to clean out your Iowa home’s gutters. You trudge out to the garage, move a giant pile of boxes to get to the ladder, then rearrange the boxes. You drag the ladder to the corner of your house, and begin climbing – oh wait, you forgot a bucket to put the muck in. Back down the ladder and into the garage to find a bucket, and something to scoop with. You again begin your ascent up the ladder, being careful to not look down. Wow, it’s higher up here than you thought! You take a peek inside the gutter trough, and it’s full of sticks and junk, just as you expected. You prepare the garden trowel for battle, scooping several trowelfuls of brown, nasty muck into your bucket. Now it’s time to move the ladder again. Back down, scoot and … uh oh, you just crushed the wife’s newly bloomed tulips. Back up the ladder, more scooping and now your bucket is getting really heavy. You lug the bucket down the ladder, wobbling as you try not to fall on the flowers still standing. Hmmm … where to dump the muck? You decide to toss it over the neighbor’s fence (he never mows anyway). Back up the ladder, scoop, down the ladder, scoot, repeat five times. You think about the commercial you heard for Gutter Topper installed by Waddle Exteriors. Dump another bucket of junk (hopefully the neighbor doesn’t mow in the next couple of months), back up the ladder, scoop, down, scoot, repeat. Hey, you’re done! That wasn’t so bad … oh no, there’s still the other side of the house to do, and then the gutters need to be flushed with water. Where’s that garden hose anyway? Hmm … definitely time to install Gutter Topper.

After Gutter Topper
Spring has finally arrived, and you smile as you look out the window and notice a leaf sliding off your Gutter Topper. That sure was a smart decision.

Eliminate the headaches of gutter cleaning, and enjoy the safety and reliability of a Gutter Topper® for roofing in Iowa year-round. Call Waddle Exteriors today at (877) 733-6400 for your FREE in-home consultation and installation estimate!