Although many homeowners overlook it’s value, gutters are a home’s main defense against leaks and other forms of water damage. An article that appeared on gives us more details:

Cleaning your gutters is one of the most important projects on the to-do list yet it’s too often overlooked. Unfortunately, many of us wait until late into the fall season when the very last leaf falls before we decide to get it done. This delay exposes our homes to potential damage. Plus, it makes the job a lot more difficult to do.

If you do it a couple of times a year, in the fall and spring, cleaning gutters is easy. Just once, or not at all, and it can become back breaking work and cost you thousands of dollars worth of trouble down the road.

How to clean your gutters

Many contractors and gutter experts agree that homeowners should take the time to clear out their gutters during the spring and autumn seasons. Having clean gutters in Des Moines, IA, especially before the winter season when temperatures can go below 0°F, can prevent the need for major home repairs come spring. According to experts, a clogged gutter can lead to water overflowing to sections that are not supposed to be exposed to too much water, causing damage.

Trapped water in gutters can be especially troublesome during winter, as the water can freeze, increasing the likelihood that gutters will completely detach themselves from the sides of houses. Ice dams can also form on clogged gutters during winters, causing water to seep and freeze inside shingles and roof space. These damages can lead to leaks, and your roof may require extensive repairs once the ice melts during spring.

While a lot of headaches can arise from clogged gutters during winter, clogged gutters can present even more problems during the spring and summer. Water collected by clogged gutters are a great breeding ground for mosquitoes and other insects. Stagnant water on clogged gutters can also cause rust and mold to accumulate on the gutter system.

These risks make it important to clean out the gutter system at least twice a year. For people that do not have the time to spare to regularly maintain their gutters, investing in a gutter topper in Iowa, like the ones being offered by Waddle Exteriors, can help keep gutters clear of debris. By preventing clogs, gutter toppers prevent the buildup of mildew and mold, and reduce water damage.

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