Homeowners that need to have work done on their roofing in Nebraska should contact licensed and experienced roofing contractors to ensure that the work gets done in an efficient and timely manner. Unfortunately, many disreputable contractors offer their services, and hiring the wrong contractor could lead to mishaps. An article that appeared on Omaha.com discusses one such incident:

When Ryan Stamm pulled into his driveway Thursday morning he noticed something strange—his roof was missing, and there was no work crew in sight. He was baffled because he had not hired a roofer, and his roof had not been damaged by recent hail storms like so many west Omaha homes.

“I thought, ‘Holy cow, what is going on,’ ” Stamm said.

His neighbors told him they had seen roofers on the Stamm property from 8 a.m. to 10:45 a.m. The neighbors were able to provide a description of the company’s van. Without success, Stamm went on foot around Standing Bear Lake neighborhood, looking for the roofing crew.

Omahan Stunned

When Stamm contacted the contractor that had installed the roof on his home, the contractor suggested that he drive to a home that had the same address about 120 blocks south. Upon arriving at the address, Stamm saw a roofing van and roofers just starting their work. Stamm and his wife then proceeded to contact law enforcement to help them sort the situation out.

The owner of the roofing company claimed that the mix up was an accident. While Stamm wanted the roofing company ticketed for trespassing and destruction of property, in the end, no tickets were issued. Even though the owner of the roofing company offered to repair the roof, Stamm declined, and the former’s insurance policy is expected to cover the estimated $8,500 needed to re-roof Stamm’s home.

“What shocked me the most is the gentlemen who ripped the roof off had no intention of coming back. They only offered to fix the roof after the police showed up,” Stamm said. Homeowners can avoid similar scenarios if they hire a reputable roofing contractor in Nebraska—like the crew of Waddle Exteriors—to perform inspections, repairs, and installations on their roofing systems.

If you’re looking for a contractor that can provide services in Iowa, Nebraska, and South Dakota, choose one that has a good reputation with the local community. Also, check the roofer’s credentials, and ensure that they have a business license, roofing license, and liability insurance. This way, costly mishaps can be avoided.

(Info from Omahan stunned to find his roof ripped up; work crew made an error; Omaha.com)