Everyone considers their home as a place to seek refuge and a sanctuary of peace and quiet. It goes without saying that finding the best roofing contractors in Omaha is essential to protect your home. When your wood shake roofing is in need of a repair or replacement, you want to see to it that you’re entrusting it to someone who knows what they’re doing.


Wood shake roofing gives a classic appeal. It is also eco-friendly and effortlessly adds a touch of timelessness to the home. Since this type of roofing requires maintenance more frequently than other systems, annual inspections are a must if you want your wood shake roofing to last.

Conducting regular maintenance is key to keep your wood shake roofing in good condition. Mary M. Alward writes:

“Always keep gutters and valleys clear of debris and leaves. These should be cleaned on a regular basis to prevent moisture from being trapped in or under the shakes or shingles. Keep tree branches and vines that hang over the roof trimmed. If a wood roof is kept constantly shaded, shakes and shingles will remain wet for longer periods of time, which will promote moss and mildew growth as well as decay.

Check your roof several times a year. If you find lichen or moss growth apply a solution of three quarts of warm water, one ounce of detergent and one quart of chlorine bleach.”

Additionally, homeowners must also check their flashings and gutters for signs of deterioration or holes.

Over time, the weather will also take a toll of your wood roof. Performing a little routine maintenance can keep your roof in tiptop shape for years. However, if you notice damage of any sort, it’s best to call Iowa roofing contractors from well-known companies like Waddle Exteriors.

Home improvement companies like Waddle Exteriors can perform professional roofing installations, repairs, and replacements to protect your home. They utilize top-quality materials and the latest construction techniques to ensure the best possible results. Property owners can also choose from an extensive line-up of wood roofing options to increase the aesthetic appeal, comfort, and value of their home.

(Article Excerpt and Image from How to Properly Maintain a Wood Roof, Do It Yourself)