Asbestos Testing Cedar Rapids IA

Professional Asbestos Testing Services for Your Home in Cedar Rapids, IA & Surrounding Areas

Asbestos Testing Cedar Rapids IaIf you think that an asbestos testing may be needed on your home in Cedar Rapids, Iowa, or another surrounding area, turn to Waddle Exteriors today to schedule a consultation. We stand out from the rest of the home improvement companies in the area because we are one of the only state-approved, licensed and certified asbestos abatement companies. This is important, because the removal of asbestos from your home could be vital to you and your family’s long-term health. So, if you even suspect that you may have asbestos in your home, it is important to contact us to schedule an asbestos testing.

Waddle Exteriors understands that numerous problems can arise from delaying asbestos removal from your house in Cedar Rapids, IA, or a surrounding area. So, in order to definitively determine whether or not you have asbestos in your home, a testing is required. A professional, state-approved, asbestos testing consists of:

  • Covering the testing area with plastic sheeting where the samples will be taken from
  • Spraying water on the area in question to keep loose asbestos fibers from getting into the air
  • Carefully removing a piece of siding to get a sample of insulation
  • Placing the asbestos fiber sample into an airtight sealable container to be sent to a state-approved lab for further testing

To learn more about the asbestos testing and abatement services offered to homeowners in Cedar Rapids, IA, and the surrounding areas, contact Waddle Exteriors today. A member of our team will happily answer any questions you may have and scheduling a consultation.