Reputable Asbestos Removal Company for Homeowners in Des Moines, IA & Surrounding Areas

Asbestos Removal Company Des MoinesAn asbestos removal company should be called if your Des Moines, Iowa, area home was built prior to 1970. This is because asbestos insulation was used in almost all new home constructions and siding projects during this time, since little was known about the dangers associated with the mineral. However, we now know that the dust from asbestos can lead to numerous health problems, including mesothelioma. If this is something you are concerned about, contact Waddle Exteriors to schedule a testing of your home.

Waddle Exteriors is one of the only asbestos removal company options in the area that can handle an asbestos testing for you. We will utilize the following steps to make sure that your Des Moines, IA, area home is free of asbestos:

  • Surrounding the testing area below the location where we will take the samples from
  • Spraying water on the testing area to stop loose fibers from getting into the air
  • Removing a sample of the substance and placing the sample into a sealable container to be sent to the lab

If the results show that your home has asbestos, we can handle the entire removal process for you, since we are a fully-licensed and -certified removal company. We will make sure that your home is completely asbestos free so that you can rest easy in your home knowing that you and your family are safe.

For more information about hiring an asbestos removal company to schedule a test at your home in Des Moines, IA, or the surrounding areas, contact Waddle Exteriors today.