Did you know that Gutter Topper® not only keeps leaves and debris out of gutters, it can also prevent ice damage to your Southwest Missouri gutters? When ice and snow accumulate inside a gutter trough, the weight can buckle or rip the gutter, or even pull it from the supporting fascia board. Tough and strong Gutter Topper can handle 1,200 pounds of snow and ice per square foot. That’s great news for Springfield, MO homeowners who have extensive ice problems and want their gutters to stay attached to their home in the winter.

Because Gutter Topper is installed under the first layer of shingles, the weight that would normally be inside of open, unprotected guttering is now on Gutter Topper. Ice and snow will build up on Gutter Topper instead of inside your gutter! In fact, the installation of Gutter Topper actually strengthens your existing gutter system.

Conventional gutters are secured to fascia board with either hangers or large spikes. Since gutters are hung on a vertical surface, this places all of the weight on the fasteners. Gutter Topper is secured to the roof sheeting and gutter lip, creating two points of contact for added strength. When snow and ice eventually melt, they will slide harmlessly off Gutter Topper.

Protect your Southwest Missouri gutters from the brunt of the winter season with the strength of Gutter Topper. Call Waddle Exteriors today at (877) 733-6400 for your FREE in-home consultation and installation estimate!