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Asbestos Removal Company Available to Residents of Ames, IA

Asbestos Removal Ames IaIf your home was built prior to 1970 and you’re concerned that it may have been built with asbestos, it is a good idea to reach out to a reliable asbestos removal company to schedule a testing and potential removal. Thankfully, local residents can reach out to the experts at Waddle Exteriors because we are fully licensed and certified throughout the state to test and remove asbestos. For most homeowners, asbestos is no longer a concern because it was no longer used in home constructions after 1970 but if your home is older than that it is important to schedule a testing to make sure that your family’s health is taken care of.

When you turn to the professionals at Waddle Exteriors we will make sure that your home is completely asbestos-free after you reach out to us for a testing. We will carefully follow all of the state-mandated testing procedures to ensure the safety of you and our technicians. These procedures are made up of:

  • Protecting the testing area by surrounding the area with plastic sheeting
  • Spraying water onto the testing area to ensure no asbestos fibers make their way into the air
  • Carefully removing a small piece of the potentially hazardous insulation
  • Sealing the fiber sample into an air-locked container to send to the state’s testing facility

If your insulation fibers come back positive for asbestos, our team will also take care of the asbestos removal in a prompt and efficient manner. Once our abatement services are completed, you’ll be able to feel safe knowing that your home is completely free of asbestos.

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