Does your bathroom desperately need a makeover, but your wallet can’t part with the thousands of dollars that a major bathroom remodel averages? No worries: you can still get the bang of remodeling for a lot less bucks with these simple, affordable improvements to your Omaha bathroom!

• Paint. A coat of mildew-resistant paint in a contemporary color will do wonders to freshen up your bathroom. For a professional result, be sure to remove mirrors, light fixtures, and toilet paper and towel holders before painting.
• Bathtub replacement. Tired of looking at that old, chipped, moldy bathtub? Bathtub replacement is a fast and easy way to improve the value and beauty of your bathroom, and also increase safety.
• Shower replacement. Older showers typically wind up with cracked walls, moldy tiles and even rust. Transform your shower into a relaxing getaway with a replacement unit in your choice of style and size.
• Bath & shower liners. When you want an updated look that doesn’t require demolition, liners are another option. These tough, 100% acrylic products are custom-formed to fit over your existing unit for a clean, safe solution.
• Sink update. Replace your sink, faucet and vanity for a modern look and improved function.

For professional assistance with any bath remodeling project, call Waddle Exteriors! We offer a FREE in-home design consultation, where one of our design experts will come to your home and view your current bathroom situation, then help you plan the perfect new bathroom. Call Waddle Exteriors, the home improvement experts Omaha homeowners trust, at (877) 733-6400 to get started!