Residential Roof Inspection

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Maintain Your Roof’s Excellent Condition with Yearly Inspections

Roof Inspections: A Wise Investment for Your Property

Your home’s roof is vital, and neglecting maintenance can lead to sudden complications. While delaying a roof inspection may seem feasible if your roof is still in decent condition, ignoring potential problems may cause future issues. Ideally, roof repairs should be addressed immediately upon discovery. To gain a comprehensive understanding of your roof’s condition and identify potential concerns that could affect your home’s safety, schedule a professional inspection every two years.

We Offer Free Roof Inspection For Homeowners

Dependable and Skilled Roof Inspectors You Can Rely On

Finding an honest and straightforward professional roof inspector is crucial. It’s vital to work with someone who can explain the process in simple terms and provide an accurate assessment.

To accomplish this, we offer a comprehensive inspection report to our clients once our expert inspectors complete the roof examination. During the inspection, our team looks for missing or loose shingles, cracks in flashing or shingles, holes in skylights and chimneys, damaged or missing tiles, and indications of water leaks. In addition, they also assess gutters for potential clogs or other issues that may result in leaks into your home’s interior walls.

Residential Roof

When is the Right Time to Schedule a Roof Inspection?

Fall is the perfect time to prepare your roof for winter, as the cooler temperatures allow for prompt maintenance before snow arrives. While yearly inspections are recommended, scheduling a roof examination is also recommended in the following situations:
  • When the roof is more than ten years old: Any experienced individual in the roofing industry can perform the inspection, but hiring a certified professional is ideal.
  • Upon noticing damage: Damaged or loose shingles and flashing could indicate a potential need for a roof replacement.
  • Following severe storms: Significant damage may occur due to storms, so it's essential to schedule an inspection as soon as possible after a recent one.

Why Choose Us for Your Free Roof Inspection?

While several companies advertise free roof inspections, we differ from the rest. Our approach is honest and upfront, providing free roof inspections to identify issues early on. With years of experience, we offer professional and accurate assessments during the inspection process.
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