Replace Skylights with New Roof

When getting a new roof replacement, you may start wondering what other things you should replace on your property. If you have skylights on your roof, your roofer has probably suggested getting your skylights replaced along with your roof. While you might suspect that this suggestion was an upsell from your roofer, you can actually find that there are a ton of benefits that comes with replacing skylights with your new roof.

There are a lot of people who are just not yet prepared to pay for a roof replacement and a skylight replacement all at the same time. There are even those who think that doing these 2 projects together will end up being a waste of money. But should a roof replacement and a skylight replacement be done together or separately?

replace skylights with new roof

When you first look at a skylight, it appears to be a rather simple structure of framed glass. However, skylights are actually a more complex and modern technological product. These are structures which are often exposed to wind, solar radiation, and sudden changes in temperature, rain, snow, and hail. Thus, skylights need to be rigid and have heat-insulating properties throughout their lifespan. On top of that, skylights also have to look good.

In summary, skylights are a high-tech product that should be changed when it’s getting old or start to not work properly.

Below are just some of the main reasons on why you should replace your skylights when you replace your roof.

You can Save Money

Replacing your skylights when you get a new roofing system put in is probably the most convenient, efficient, and affordable time to do so. Many roofers may end up charging you up to double the rate they offer now to come back to replace your skylights alone if it is done separately from replacing your roof.

Because your roofer will already be on your roof, working on your roof and your skylight in one go is actually much more efficient. Thus, the lower cost of labor. 

Comparing Risks and Rewards

When you consider the cost of reflashing your home skylights, which would be between $200 – $600 per skylight, the total cost of replacing your skylights would range from $800 to $1500 depending on the type of skylight. 

If your roof has multiple skylights, you might get a better deal. But if you really want to save more in the long run, getting your roofers to work on it in one go is a larger investment now but will end up saving you a lot more in the future.

Avoid Skylight Seal Failure

If you replace your roof but not your skylights, you might experience seal failure. This is signalled by having fogged and inefficient glass on the skylight. When your new roof is put in, roofers working on your property might end up loosening the seal on the skylights when they install the new shingles. 

Using old skylights with a new roof can cause leaks.

Even if your skylight has been near perfect in the past years, there is a high chance that you’ll experience roof leaks following the installation of your new roof. No matter how skilled your contractor may be, ruffling with that old skylight can cause problems.

Many homeowners are not aware that building materials end up expanding and contracting over time depending on the temperature and weather conditions. Additionally, in order to install a new skylight, the whole structure needs to be disassembled and put back together. This process can create many problems in the structure of the skylights if they have started to corrode. Not to mention, re-flashing an existing skylight can void its warranty.

Replacing a skylight is inevitable.

Skylights have a short warranty for a reason. The inexpensive plexiglass bubble skylights often crack easily, especially when exposed to fluctuating temperatures. However, even the high-quality skylights start to warp over time. Why not prevent the costly replacement later on by getting a package deal much earlier?

In summary, you should replace skylights with a new roof because…

  • saves money long term
  • prevents seal failure
  • brings in daylight and fresh air.
  • resolves rotting issues
  • improves energy efficiency

The most convenient and affordable time to replace a skylight is when you are installing a new roof. By replacing your skylights when you replace your roof, you’ll save money in the long run and ensure you won’t be paying for a new roof twice! 

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