Shower Liners

Dingy, Mildew Shower Tiles? Try a New Shower Liner Today

shower liners iowaIf you’re current shower has mold, rusty walls, cracked floor, or is just too dangerous to get in and out of you may want to consider installing a new shower liner from Waddle Exteriors. Our custom shower liners are made to fit directly over your existing shower, and provide the luxuries you should have in a shower since it’s used every day by multiple members of your family. The use of acrylic in showers is one of the newer solutions in the remodeling industry. It’s affordable, quick to install, and durable. Our super strong acrylic shower liners will never chip, dent or crack.

These shower liners are used by top hotel chains as an affordable way to update their constant use and abuse of showers. Most shower systems will only take about a day to completely install, and don’t require major construction. We will leave your new shower clean and mess free, and ready for use immediately. Our shower liners are 100% American made and offer superior quality and durability.

showerliners iowaHere are just a few of the major benefits for updating your shower:

  • No more peeling or moldy caulk
  • Easy to clean
  • Replaces old/ugly showers
  • No maintenance of shower tiles/grout
  • No cracking, rusting or damaged showers
  • Lifetime limited warranty
  • Completely custom
  • Safety solutions
  • Updated shower fixtures

There is no question installing a new shower fixture is the best way to enhance your every day routine, while adding value to your home at the same time. Shower liners are great for all family members, and can be especially helpful to the elderly or handicap due to the safety solutions they can provide. For a trustworthy quote on our shower liners call Waddle Exteriors or request a quote online and get on your way to having a beautiful new shower.