Window Replacement – Knowing When to Replace Your Iowa Windows

Replacing windows in your current Iowa home can put a pinch in the pocket book. How do you know when your existing windows need to be replaced?

There are several factors that I use in determining whether or not a window needs to be replaced. First and foremost, is your window leaking air? When you place your hand on the inside of the window does it feel cold or do you feel cold air coming through the sides? Check and make sure that your window is properly sealed. You could solve cold air flow through your window by simply ensuring that your window is properly insulated. If need be, remove the inside trim around the window to take a better look.

Make sure that the outside of your window is properly sealed. In older homes, you will find that the caulk around the outside of the window is old and cracked thus allowing cold air to pass through. If this is an issue, simply remove the old caulk and replace it with a rubber silicone caulk. This is the best caulk to use as it provides the ability to expand and contract in extreme weather conditions. It will stand the test of time.

Lastly, take a look at your window. When you open it, is the sash rotten, paint peeling, or anything breaking away? This is common in older windows or homes that have not had their windows replaced since the house was built. Prior to 1980′s wood windows were common and generally if your are finding that your windows are allowing cold air to pass and they have wood frames, chances are, they need to be replaced. Vinyl replacement windows is the most cost efficient replacement window in Iowa to use.

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