Asbestos Removal Company Cedar Rapids IA

Asbestos Removal Company Available to Homeowners in Cedar Rapids, IA & Surrounding Areas

Asbestos Removal Company Cedar Rapids IAUsing a less than reputable asbestos removal company for a testing at your home in Cedar Rapids, Iowan, or a surrounding area, may lead to your home not being as protected as it should be. Thankfully, Waddle Exteriors has served the area since 1978 and is fully licensed and certified through the state to test for and remove asbestos. For most people, asbestos is no longer a concern as it hasn’t been used in any home constructions since 1970. However, if your home was built prior to that it is important that you schedule a testing to ensure the long-term health of you and your family.

Waddle Exteriors will work hard to ensure that your home is completely asbestos free after you contact us for a testing. As the leading asbestos removal company in the Cedar Rapids, IA, area, we carefully follow the state mandated testing procedures which are made up of:

  • Protecting the testing area where the sample is to be taken from with plastic sheeting
  • Spraying water onto the testing area to ensure that no loose asbestos fibers get into the air.
  • Carefully removing a small piece of potentially hazardous insulation or siding to get a sample
  • Sealing the fiber sample into an air-locked container to be tested at the state’s testing facility

For more information about what makes us stand out from the other asbestos removal company options in the Cedar Rapids, IA, area, contact Waddle Exteriors today. A highly knowledgeable member of our team will happily answer any questions you have about our asbestos testing or abatement procedures.